Chinese investors are interested in Vladivostok Ring Road and the “Millionka” projects

09 february 2018, 12:00

The issue was discussed between the Mayor of Primorye capital Vitaly Verkeyenko and Consul General of China in Vladivostok Yan Wenbin during the latter’s protocol visit to the City Administration on February 8.

The meeting was also attended by the head of International Relations and Tourism Department of Vladivostok City Administration Aleksei Kushnir, Mayor’s aide Andrei Petrov, consul attache of PRC Consulate General Fu Yabing, vice consul Zhang Zhenfeng and others.

Yan Wenbin congratulated Vitaly Verkeyenko with his election to the office of Mayor of Vladivostok and said that the capital of Primorye is notable for the most vibrant contacts with China if compared with any other Russian city. This is clearly indicated by the number of Chinese tourists visiting Vladivostok which reached 420 thousand in 2017 alone.

The Consul General expressed his confidence that wide-ranging and mutually beneficial relationship between his country and Vladivostok would gain new momentum to become even more dynamic and provide solid ground for implementation of various projects. As an example, he confirmed that several investors and construction companies from China have expressed interest in Vladivostok Ring Road (VKAD) construction project. He also told about vast perspectives for the development of ties with south-eastern regions of China – like cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou and others.

Besides, Consul General mentioned that the news of the city administration’s plans to restore the Northern Chinese Theater located in the “Millionka” (the former Chinese quarter in downtown Vladivostok) have received much attention in China. Mr. Yan Wenbin stated that revival of this significant part of Vladivostok’s history will increase the tourist flow from China, especially considering the plans to hold ethnic theatrical and musical performances and museum exhibitions in this so-called “China town” that has partly survived in the vicinity of Semyonovskaya Street.

Vitaly Verkeyenko confirmed the administration’s commitment to realize this project in cooperation with Arsenyev Museum. At the same time, Mr. Mayor stressed that this will be possible only when new premises are chosen or constructed for Garmoniya Gymnastics School that currently occupies the building.

Yan Wenbin invited Vitaly Verkeyenko to visit Harbin that became Vladivostok’s sister city in the last year. The Mayor accepted the invitation, and added that efforts should be made to make the visit as fruitful as possible.