Construction of a ring road in Vladivostok to be discussed at Russian Government session

10 february 2018, 10:00

The Aide to the President of Russian Federation Igor Levitin held a working meeting in Vladivostok on Thursday, February 8. With the Interim Governor Andrei Tarasenko and Mayor of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeyenko participating, the meeting focused on issues of transport infrastructure development in Primorsky region, including Vladivostok Ring Road (VKAD) project, local rail transportation and purchase of a ferry.

Head of the regional government’s Department of Transport and Road Facilities Alexander Shvora aired proposals on several projects that require financing by federal government. First of all, he noted that construction of Vladivostok – Nakhodka – Vostochny Port high-speed motorway is under way and is conducted under federal government’s  “Transport System Development” program. The contractor is currently constructing the road section to Bolshoi Kamen town, which will provide convenient transport connection with Zvezda Shipbuilding Plant that is being built there.

 “Our proposal requires federal government’s to co-financing of construction of the third section, i.e. the road between Bolshoi Kamen and Vostochny Port”, the head of Department said.

Igor Levitin also addressed the issue of increasing railway carrying capacity, particularly in Vladivostok.

Alexander Shvora replied that railway is actually able to meet the seaport’s transportation demand, while necessity keeps growing for construction of an alternate route, the so-called VKAD (Vladivostok Ring Road).

Mayor of Vladivostok Vitaly Verkeyenko pointed out that an outbound road bypassing the city’s Egersheld district and connecting via bridges to Yelena and Russky islands will help to solve several issues, the most urgent being the need to divert cargo flow from the city center and thus ease traffic congestion.

Igor Levitin agreed that the project is interesting, and ordered to explore the possibility of its implementation via public-private partnership.

 “Since the project is crucial for the city, we can try to construct this road through PPP. You can put forward your proposal at the Forum when it commences. But you should first decide whether you need to build the road or relocate the port facilities. Therefore you need more detailed discussion with port managers and investors”, the President’s Aide addressed the local officials.

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Andrei Tarasenko said that preliminary negotiations have already been held. Levitin agreed that the city center should be freed from cargo traffic.

 “The traffic load is growing due to constant increase of cargo flow generated by the sea port. Efforts have to be made to leave only clean cargoes and move all dirty cargoes out of the urban area. The city center is a good place for recreation and tourism, and tourist services will flourish if we do so. And the road will be in use anyway”, he said.

The President’s Aide promised that all proposals would be made record of and forwarded to the Government of Russian Federation.

Another problem discussed at the meeting was the development of sport infrastructure. It is expected that these two issues will be included in the agenda of the State Council meeting that is due to be held during 2018 Eastern Economic Forum in September and will be presided by the President.

According to design, total length of VKAD is 22,6 km with estimated traffic flow of 70 to 85 thousand vehicles per day at 80 km/h. Construction of Vladivostok Ring Road will significantly improve transport accessibility of Russky Island and will divert cargo trucks from the urban area to bypass the city via Sedanka-Patrokl route. A the same time, VKAD should not become a solely transit route, but instead a fully functional urban road, with 7 interchanges connecting it to the city’s road network.

“Vladivostok needs new alternative roads and interchanges, and we are ready to cooperate with investors to bring this plan to reality. Construction of Vladivostok Ring Road will ease the traffic load and make getting around the city more convenient”, the city Mayor said.