Locals and visitors celebrate Maslenitsa in Vladivostok

18 february 2018, 17:15

Public outdoor festival, Russian folk contests and games, unique festive traditions – one could experience all this on Vladivostok’s central square on February 18, during the celebration of Maslenitsa – a traditional Slavic holiday. According to Russian tradition, Maslenitsa is considered a “farewell to winter” celebration.

Visitors were entertained by performers wearing Russian folk costumes. Near the stage, all guests were treated with freshly fried pancakes and could take part in traditional contests, like sack race, pillow fight or tug of war. The most strong and dexterous participants even tried to climb the specially installed high pole to claim the prize hanging on its top.

Besides, a musical performance was held on the square. Young musicians, choir of war veterans and other performers played and sang for the audience, creating cheerful and spring-like atmosphere. The public celebrations ended with burning of the “Maslenitsa Lady” effigy, marking the end of winter and arrival of long-awaited spring.

Maslenitsa is a traditional Russian holiday celebrated during the last week before Great Lent and retaining traditions and elements of Slavic mythology.