Vladivostok city Mayor voted at Russian presidential elections

18 march 2018, 14:15

Vitaly Verkeyenko fulfilled his civic duty by taking part in Russian presidential elections today, March 18. The city Mayor voted at No.504 polling station located at High School No.1.

He arrived at the polling station with his family members and noted that it is very important to set an example of social activism for the youth.

“The right of choice and responsibility for one’s decision are inseparable. Today we make one of the most important choices, the choice that will determine our life for the future six years. To take part in the election is the duty of every Russian citizen”, Vitaly Verkeyenko said.

The Mayor also participated in the vote for “Comfortable Urban Environment” project which coincided with the presidential election. The vote allowed Vladivostok residents to determine public areas to be improved on priority.

235 stationary and 15 temporary polling stations opened in Vladivostok, aa well as 138 polling points onboard sea ships. In total, 462 665 voters are listed in the city.

Photo by Igor Bogomolov and Anastasiya Kotlyarova